Retail customer journey analytics

A powerful retail analytics system running on your smartphone that takes minutes to setup.

Drive growth with Data-Driven decisions

Meaningful insights about your retail customer journeys, that you can use to boost your business growth.


Make data-driven decisions

Customer journey analytics

Powerful retail customer journey tracking with extensive analytics. Using state-of-the-art AI the analysis is extremely accurate and incisive, giving plenty of valuable insights in a user friendly manner.


Track performance over time

Occupancy tracking

See real-time data or get daily and weekly reports about your occupancy statistics, average visit duration and heatmap information.


Review data on-the-go

Live video and statistics

Access live camera stream on any device, anywhere. Review historic recordings (up to 30 days) and see real-time statistical information about customer journeys and occupancy.


Safe and secure

With privacy in mind

All data is processed on the smartphone itself and only the non-PII (non-personally identifiable information) data is sent to our Cloud for further analysis.

Easy setup


Get a spare iPhone or Android device*

AlexCam Business runs on a smartphone and uses its camera for video and processes all data on the device.

*Devices for rent available.


Install the AlexCam Pro app

Go to the App Store or Google Play and install the AlexCam Pro app. Run the app and login with your business account.


Mount and plug-in a charger

Mount the smartphone securely on a stand. High location overlooking as much of your retail space as possible is best. Do not forget to plug-in a charger to keep the service running 24/7.

Upgrade your business now!

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