Setting up takes only a few minutes.

  1. First, install the AlexCam app on an iPhone or iPad you want to use as your security camera. Once the app is installed, start the app and choose the “Slide to become a Camera” option. Make sure to allow the app to access your camera and microphone.

  2. Place your iPhone or iPad on a stand and point it to a location you want to monitor. Make sure to plug in the charger, so that the device would not run out of battery.

  3. Important: it is advised to put the iPhone or iPad into a “Do not disturb” mode and make sure there are no active alarms set. Otherwise iOS might reset the AlexCam app ant the video stream will be interrupted.

  4. Lastly, install the AlexCam app on your personal iPhone or iPad you want to use for watching the security camera stream. The app will automatically detect AlexCam security cameras on your local network.

Setup is complete!

Enjoy the modern user experience and security features AlexCam provides.

Throubleshooting: if the AlexCam app is not detecting any security cameras on your local network, you can scan the QR code visible on the iPhone ir iPad acting as a security camera - this will pair it automatically.